Family Slaughtered Inside Home

by John Mak February 11, 2012

A new video coming out of the city of Homs shows an entire family that was slaughtered inside their home. They were discovered 10 days later. A horrific scene unfolds. The father was killed away from the rest of the family, while they watched. Likely, he was humiliated and tortured in front of his wife and kids, then the wife and kids were scared into a corner and had their heads covered with hoods, then gunned down. This family was found, but their are hundreds of others that are yet to be discovered. Don't watch this video if you are at work:



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Chemical Weapons Spotted in Homs

by John Mak February 9, 2012

Opposition forces and defecting soldiers have stated that they have seen a large stockpile of chemical weapons being stockpiled in a school building in the city of Homs. Recently, a Russain ship delivered weapons to Syria's army, and gas masks and chemical weapons were a part of the shipment. Knowing Assad, and his Baath Party partner, Saddam Hussain, no one would put this past him.



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Bashar: You made your bed, now lie in it

by Muna April 25, 2011

Bashar Al Assad has had 11 years to show to the Syrians that he was not of the same cloth as his father. In that time he could've instituted some reforms. But he didn't.  And one might think that when he looked to his neighbors and saw they were losing their positions as tyrants, he might've decided it was a good time to get started on some reforms. But he didn't. And one might have thought that when his own people started protesting, he might've decided it was an opportunity to quickly end those protests. But he didn't.




Recent Events in the City of Homs, Syria

by Sinan April 19, 2011

Many people were asking themselves, after the Homs residents start their Sit-in on 4/18/2011, what did it take for this to happen? There’s a great BBC news article of what it took for residents of Homs to decide that enough was enough (

Essentially about a week before the Homs uprising, the Syrian Security Forces had detained a Tribal Leader from Homs called Sheikh Badr Abu Moussa. Then on 4/17/11 they announced they would be releasing him and giving him back to his people.

What happened next was what was most shocking. Yes they returned him, but they returned him deceased and with numerous signs of torture. One witness stated: "His beard was burned and he died under torture in one of the security branches in Homs, most likely the military security branch."


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