Syrians elect US educated Damascene Kurd to lead transitional government

by John Mak March 21, 2013

The Syrian National Coalition has elected a Damascus born Kurd, who spent most of his adult life in Texas, North Carolina, and other parts of the United States as the leader of the transitional government in waiting. Ghassan Hitto is an IT professional and has lived in Texas, North Carolina and other states. He currently resides in Turkey, leading the Syrian government in waiting. This is a major step because for two years the Syrian opposition could not agree on who would lead the transitiona and how. The Free Syrian Army inside Syria is also on board pledging allegiance to Hitto and his transitional government. The fact that he is Kurdish even lends more credence and unity to the notion that all Syrians are opposed to Assad's murderous regime. Now is a good time for the Obama adminstration to recognize Mr. Hitto's government as the only true representatives of the Syrian people. Obama and Clinton have stated that they are waiting for a united opposition. It doesn't get more united than this.


60,000 have been murdered

by John Mak January 2, 2013

As the two year anniversary of the Syrian revolution approaches, well over 60,000 Syrians have been killed at the hands of their very own government. A government that is supposed to be protecting them. Meanwhile, the entirety of the world watches, debates, discusses, and doesn't decide on anything.

Women, young and old, are being systematically raped. Children are being tortured, brutalized, and killed. Men of all ages are being detained, tortured, raped, poked, proded, and dismembered. No one is safe from this brutal regime.

As the second year anniversary approaches, we pray that this nightmare ends soon. We pray that world leaders will stop hitching their wagons to the Assad train. We pray that wisdom, justice, and humanity will prevail. 

It's time to start rebuilding Syria.


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Syrian Americans should vote for Obama

by John Mak October 28, 2012

Despite a difficult and continual disappointment in President Obama's lack of real action on Syria, Syrian Americans should still vote to support Obama. While most Syrians view Obama as ineffective, obstructionist, and useless, there actually is a method to his madness. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney hasn't offered convincing evidence that he would be any different.

Further, a vote for Romney, is a vote for the tea party. No one has demonized and attempted to marginalize Muslims more than the extreme right. It's time to put an end to that. America will not stand for bigotry and racism.

We encourage all 1,000,000 Syrian Americans to go out an vote to re-elect President Obama. Put your disappointment aside and elect an excellent representative of America abroad and at home. We can't go backwards and we can't encourage Muslim hating, black hating, gay hating, women hating, Latino hating, and poor hating behavior. Don't reward bad behavior!



Syrian American organizations ask Romney Obama to support No Fly Zones and additional arms

by John Mak August 30, 2012

Coalition for a Democratic Syria Asks Obama, Romney to Support No-Fly Zones, Additional Arms for Free Syrian Army

Tougher engagement described as crucial to US national security interests

TAMPA 8/29/2012 - The Coalition for a Democratic Syria released letters today to President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney asking for their support for tough new measures to bring an end to the crisis in Syria. More decisive action now will help protect American interests in the region and allow the United States to play a larger role in the shaping of a post-Assad Syria, the letters argue.



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Looking for cute kids for new video

by John Mak June 24, 2012

We are in the process of creating a new video montage to play for Obama and the White House staff to show more and more support for Syria. we are looking for children between the ages of 2-12 to read a specific script while being video taped in high definition. We will then take the videos of all of these children and splice it together so that all of the children are included and they all get to say their names and send a short video message to president Obama.



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McCain says Obama is 'Just Behind'

by John Mak June 24, 2012

Senator John McCain contunes to slam Obama for his inaction and lack of leadership on Syria.

Last week, President Obama took to the airwaves again and answered questions about Syria. He continued down the same do-nothing mantra and made more excuses as to why the US is unable to respond. Senator John McCain and many others were very critical of Obama's lack of leadership and intervention in Syria.



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Obama's legacy massacred in Syria

by John Mak June 17, 2012

Assad has gone bonkers. Slaughtering children and massacring entire villages is a sign of desperation and weakness. The rest of the world cannot stomach watching massacres on CNN every night and sleep at night as if nothing is happening.

Obama was hoping that he would not have to deal with the Syria situation until after the election. He wants to run on the "President that ended all wars" platform. Unfortunately, this is a faulty premise to run on, but his camp seems like they are trying their damndest to run on that platform. Even at the cost of ruining Obama's legacy forever.



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Republicans: Obama is fucked on Syria

by John Mak June 6, 2012


ast week the White House sent out a press release trying to strengthen Obama's image on foreign policy and war on terrorism. In the statement, they discussed how Obama sits around every morning and shuffles a deck of cards with various terrorists names and faces on it, trying to decide whose life he will end that day with a drone missile attack. The White House senses that Obama looks weak on foreign matters, and wants to strengthen his image as this all-powerful drone warrior.



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