Glad Tidings for Shaam

by Kurd June 1, 2011

To Muslims, Syria is more than just a random Middle Eastern country. The word in Arabic for the Syria region is "sham". Take a look at some Muslim religious texts on Syria.



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Must Follow English Syrian Tweeters

by John Mak April 30, 2011

Everyone keeps asking us who we follow for English news on events happening in Syria so that they can avoid the spam. Here are a list of Twitters and a brief description. The ones listed near the top are "Must follow" as you get down toward the bottom they are "may follow". However, we follow all of them, and then some! This is who we follow:



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Imagining a future without Assad

by Ammar April 24, 2011

If you're like me and you want up to the minute raw news on the happenings in Syria, then you have a twitter account. The most common hash mark for news is #syria. Under this hash you will find a ton of unedited, up to the second, posts with links to videos, pictures and news stories.

In the past few days, there has been a new trend emerging. Its a trend that illustrates peoples wishes and dreams of a Syrian future without Assad and his criminal mafia running the country. It is "#whensyriaisfree ".



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Backlash to Bloodshed

by John Mak April 24, 2011

Yesterday, and before the Assads unleashed their fury on the unarmed protesters a statement was released signed by the various local committees running the protests movements all over the country. While the authenticity of the statement requires further verification to see that it has indeed been approved by all provincial committees, the detailed list of demands included comes as an accurate reflection of the online conversations we’ve been having with in-country activists for the past three weeks.

But most activists would now push for the inclusion of a clear call for the immediate resignation of Bashar Al-Assad. The next logical step will be to announce the formation of a committee outside the country that can officially speak for the revolution. It is also important to see future protests raising banners and slogans endorsing the demands made by the committees.

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